"The proctors were pleasant. The instructions were clear and easy to follow."
Candidate #003155

"In listening test, recording is so clear... And with speaking, the instructor is superb cool! He sound friendly!"
Candidate #003144

"It's so perfect. I will recommend IELTS to my other buddies. Thank you."
Candidate #003045

"Today was awesome. Staff were all friendly and pay attention to my personal needs. Great job."
Candidate #003122

"My experiences with my test center and the staff at registration was wonderful. I like that ways how every things organization."
Candidate #002668

"All arrangement was so good, and examiners are so well co-operate and time keeping. It was very good. Thank you for your wonderful work."
Candidate #003117

"The staff and crew are so friendly, they were accommodation, and you can understand them clearly. They were really good help at getting rid of the nervous feeling."
Candidate # 003234

"Overall my experience has been wonderful and positive with IELTS. As I am not from town, I had to phone in and get information a few times and each time the person was very helpful and provided me with the information I needed."
Candidate # 003253

"Test-taker is compliant with procedures. Did an excellent job overall."
Candidate # 003215

"The test is well organized and supervised. All staff can response candidate's need very quickly and good."
Candidate # 003348

"You talk with the people with respect."
Candidate # 003304

"Honestly the service was so good and I feel comfortable even I'm in exam."
Candidate #003059

"Superb. It help me a lot, during the preparation up to the exam itself."
Candidate #003004

"Employees of GV were very helpful. They were smiling the whole time!"
Candidate #003009

"It was a great experience! Fast and great staff! Very polite people!"
Candidate #003109

"Pleasant, friendly staff. Professional system. Hopefully... I can do it all again!"
Candidate #003056

"All the staff are amazing, because they were helpful and accommodating."
Candidate #003116

"It was a great experience. Staff were so approachable and very friendly."
Candidate #003038

"It's very organized, systematic and the staff/facilitators are efficient and effective."
Candidate # 003200

"I like the method of registration, and the test day as well. It is well-organized."
Candidate # 003258

"I was surprised that staffs here are friendly. They're not dead serious, always have smiles. And I'm satisfied with their service."
Candidate # 003352